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Carabinieri e Polizia

Both are, in their intent and purpose, police forces. But, one way they differ is that the Carabinieri is an Arma, they are a military branch. They belong to the armed forces and, therefore, respond to the Ministry of Defense. The Polizia (the ones in blue), on the other hand, is a civilian structure that is working under the Ministry of the Interior. There are a few more differences that are good to note but if you need help, both can offer you strong safety support!

Municipal Police

Locally within cities, you will see the Municipal Police. They may have the title “Polizia Municipale” or they may have the title “Vigili Urbani” depending on the city.

Often we think this police force is just responsible for parking tickets, but they actually do much more. The operational scope of these agents has expanded quite a bit in recent years.

To name a few of their areas of operation:

  • narcotics, property and personal crimes;
  • protection of minors;
  • crimes against the Public Administration and against the environment;
  • fight against abusive commerce;
  • public security;
  • anti-terrorism;
  • protection of public property

More Emergency Numbers are:

117 Guardia di Finanza

The Guardia di Finanza (G. di F. or GdF) is other Italian law enforcement agency under the authority of the Minister of Economy and Finance. It is a militarized police force, forming a part of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, not the Ministry of Defence. Guardia di Finanza is essentially responsible for dealing with financial crime and smuggling; it has also evolved into Italy’s primary agency for suppressing the illegal drug trade. It maintains over 600 boats and ships and more than 100 aircraft to serve in its mission of patrolling Italy’s territorial waters.

Interpol summarizes the Guardia di Finanza (Ministry of Economy and Finance) as “a force with military status and nationwide remit for financial crime investigations and illegal drugs trafficking investigations

115 Fireworks

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